desLibris Publishing Solutions
desLibris Publishing Solutions

How it Works and What to Expect

The centrepiece of the service is the "DPS Platform," which provides an easy way for publishers to upload source files for processing and take delivery of finished work.

Add Title

Every account has a dashboard where you can add new titles with basic metadata.  The Biblioshare webservice supports the addition of ISBN to facilitate data entry. 

Rules Sheet

Every title record is accompanied by a "Rules Sheet" which outlines the standards applied to every order. This may be modified to add or change requirements for any title, or to set "house rules" for all conversions.

Upload Source Files

Every title in your account has an "Add Source files" module for uploading or dragging/dropping source files in any format (PDF, InDesign, etc.) Covers are required, and supporting files like Onix may also be added at this stage.

Choose Formats and Order

Place titles for conversion into the cart and select output formats required. For every format you may attach a format-specific ISBN or internal reference number which will be used for filenaming and invoice entries.  

Receive a Quote

After placing your order you will receive a confirmation showing pricing and formats to be delivered. This will also include a quote for Alt-text Composition. You may accept, amend or decline the quote.   

Initial Delivery

We proceed with production based on the terms of the order confirmation; a delivery date will be provided, and that may be amended where necessary    

Alt-Text & Proofing

If you have ordered the ATAR Service, delivery will include an Alt-text spreadsheet which you'll be able to use to add Alt-text. When you upload this, it will be integrated with the initial EPUB3 and a final version will be provided.  If you have opted for Alt-text Composition, the ATAR sheet will contain our work. You will be expected to approve this before the final product is delivered  

Onix Provision

Since the Onix record must be upgraded to reflect accessible features, this will also be added to the "Files delivered" area in the TItle space.  If publisher Onix is not supplied with the file, , the Biblioshare ONIX is copied and used as the basis for the enhancements described in the ONIX section of the Best Practices page. 

The Finished Product

All files delivered, including initial and final versions of the EPUB3, as well as ACE reports, ATAR sheets and the Onix record, will be found on the "Files Delivered" tab of each Title.