Client Perspectives

Since 2006, we have provided ebook conversions for over 30,000 books from over 100 Canadian publishers.  

Benetech Headstart

This progressive publisher has used DPS for a headstart with Benetech certification, which was gained through eBound's program in 2021.

Poetry Configuration

Creating an ePub file for poetry is about balancing the need for specific visual layout with the flexibility and interactivity of the digital format. requiring maintenance of line breaks, spacing, stanza structure, and special typography/layout.

Certification Support

As one of the Canadian publishers holding Benetech certification, Coach House has opted to use DPS services as an economical means of creating Accessible EPUB3 displaying the Benetech-approved meta-property tag.

Flexibility and Experience

One of Canada's largest independent trade publishers, Dundurn has found DPS' flexibility and responsiveness are key factors in dealing with the multiple challenges of a diverse and growing list. 

Alternative Pages for Poetry

For Gordon Hill's poetry list, we created reflowing ePUB for accessibility in addition to image versions to present the print equivalent for regular readers.

Backlist Conversion

Kobo has used DPS for production of its new line of classics.

Upgrading to Accessibility

Over the past 15 years, NSP has converted its entire in-print list to EPUB with DPS, and has recently undertaken a retrospective Accessibility program. Drawing source files from the 500+ titles in its DPS catalogue, the A++ service will simplify the process and reduce cost and overhead.

Learning by Example 

This leading Canadian publisher used DPS services for its first ventures into Accessible ePUB. After gaining the necessary experience, they moved the  process inhouse after achieving Benetech certification. 

A++ Candidate? 

MQUP has been producing reflowable ePUB2 for worldwide distribution for years, but has not yet added Accessiblity to its titles. When the time comes, the move will be economically accomplished with DPS' A++ service. 

Course Manual Production 

The demanding requirements of accessible textbook production for heavily-graphic material have been met by DPS for Sauder's line of Real Estate course manuals.