The Process

First Steps

After you place your order and upload your source material (Word, Images, PDF) we will create a couple of sample designs within three days of the start of the project. 

Choose a Design

We will use your design and layout instructions as a template for building the book.
We'll then store the template as a "Rules Sheet" which can be applied to future orders.

Proofs and Print-ready PDF
You will receive the first proofs for review within a week after the design template is approved.
With your feedback, we will create print-ready PDF files for further approval.
When that is given we will proceed with the eBook conversions.
Cover Art
We will use the cover material you provide or will create and supply covers for your approval.  
Finished PDFs
The final PDF files for both interior and covers are pre-flighted and ready for upload to Amazon's KDP, IngramSpark and/or to a printer of your choice. All finished files are stored in the Deliveries folder for the title.
ePub Conversions
We recommend and provide two ePubs: a Kindle version optimized for Amazon and a second ePub optimized for other platforms. We hand-code your content and images to the ePub format so that you can sell your content on different platforms.
Validation for all distribution channels
We test the Amazon ePub on all target devices and apps. These include the legacy e-ink kindles, the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD. We will also check the files on apps including: the Kindle Previewer, the Kindle for PC, the Kindle for Mac, the Kindle for iOS devices and the Kindle for Android devices. The generic ePub file we provide will be ready for upload to Apple's iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble's Nook Press, and Google's Playstore to name a few.
The files you receive will be error-free and ready for upload to distributor portals. Payment is required only after satisfactory delivery.
Formats and Elements Supplied
The Book Production package includes Tables of Contents.
A back-of-book index creation service is available at an additional price. 
These e-formats are included in the package:
1. Print-ready PDF
2. KPF ePub for Amazon (Reflowing or Fixed-layout)
3. ePub for Apple, Kobo and Google (Reflowing or Fixed-layout) 
4. An InDesign package for your archives 
All formats are delivered to the "Deliveries" folder associated with the Title in your DPS account.
A "ticket" is created for every title ordered to handle all review and revision requests. As revisions are done, the files in the Deliveries folder will be modified.  
Turnaround TIme
We aim to finish the work and provide the first proofs for review within a week of order receipt. Upon receipt of your edits and suggestions, we aim to deliver the final files (PDF and ePub) within another week.
Book production from source files to finished product: $1.50/page
Add Accessible ePub3: $2.00/page
See for more detail.
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