eBook Conversion Services

Special Options and Features

Easy Alt-text Composition

The A++ Reader/Editor, a unique desktop app exclusive to DPS, simplifies alt-text composition and revision for authors, editors and production staff. See here for more information.

Enhancement with Artificial Intelligence

Being conscious of the potential of AI in the conversion process, we use the technology in carefully defined ways in order to keep clients abreast of the rapidly-evolving field.  

See here for more information.

Add  Accessibility to Backlist 

Upgrade any reflowable ePub (2 or 3) up to Accessible ePub3 conforming to Benetech standards with economy and convenience.  See here for more information.

Annual Volume Discounts

We offer a rebate/discount program to reward higher-volume customers. 

See here for more information.

​"Rules Sheets"

Clients with inhouse Style sheets may file them with DPS for guidance. A sample is provided on every site; this may be modified / customized to client standards. More information.

​The Alt-text Assessment Report (ATAR)

During the A-EPUB3 production process, a placeholder/marker is inserted in the EPUB3 file for all images requiring Alt-text. These markers are included in the ATAR Report, an Excel sheet providing thumbnails of all images in the text (one row per image.) 

The first draft, supplied with all Accessible EPUB3 deliveries, provides an easy way for editors/creators to review and improve the text. When the sheet is returned, DPS will write all modifications provided into the EPUB, producing a finished file which meets the "creator-approved" criterion for images.

Where the “ATAR Service” Is included in the initial order, there is no extra charge for this additional step. 

Where EPUB3 is ordered without ATAR, integration of corrected alt-text is available at an extra charge.

Download Sample ATAR Sheet

Clients served

We have provided epub conversions for these among many other leading Canadian publishers