Professional eBook Conversion Services for IngramSpark, Amazon KDP, and More.

Literature in today’s work needs to be accessible to a range of reading preferences. IngramSpark, Amazon KDP, and Barnes and Noble are some of the leading global distributors that open doors to major online retailers and libraries. 

But before manuscripts are published on these platforms, you have to ensure they are presented flawlessly with professional ebook conversion services. This is where desLibris Publishing Services comes in. We are a Benetech-certified Canadian-based ePub conversion services vendor providing accessible ePub solutions to self-publishers and publishers in Canada, North America, and Europe.

Why Choose Our ePub Conversion Services?


Distribution is Key

We specialize in crafting accessible EPUB files that meet all distributors' rigorous standards. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees seamless upload and acceptance on popular platforms like Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Google Play Books.


Flawless eBook Formatting

Beyond technical compliance, our eBook format service ensures your ebook reflects your vision – from elegant typography and consistent layouts to accurate image placement and responsive design across devices.


Accessible EPUB Conversion

Inclusivity is paramount. We meticulously ensure your ebook adheres to WCAG 2.1 accessibility guidelines, catering to readers with diverse needs.


Streamlined Workflow

Our efficient process takes your manuscript – whether Word, InDesign, or PDF – and transforms it into a polished ebook, ready for submission. 


Solid Quality Control 

Every ebook undergoes rigorous testing on multiple devices and platforms, guaranteeing an error-free reading experience for your audience.

Beyond EPUB Conversion Services.

Our expertise extends beyond basic conversion. We offer:

  • Advanced EPUB features – Integrate interactive elements, multimedia, and complex layouts for an enriched reading experience.
  • Cover design and formatting – Make a creative or professional cover for your ebook that grabs attention and reflects its niche.
  • Metadata optimization – Maximize discoverability on online storefronts with strategic keyword research and title optimization.

Ready to Publish Your eBook on IngramSpark, Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble, or More?

Let our professionals handle the technical complexities of ebook conversion, freeing you to concentrate on your creative vision. Contact us today and reap the boundless potential of your manuscript with our comprehensive ebook conversion services. Partner with DPS, get professional ePub conversion services today and empower your publishing journey with the highest quality standards.

Clients served

We have provided epub conversions for these among many other leading Canadian publishers