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New Platform, New Services

Since 2015, DPS (formerly Canadian Electronic Library/desLibris) has converted over 30,000 books for nearly 200 publishers to ebook form for distribution through Amazon, Kobo and Apple.

On this base of knowledge and experience, we offer a new platform dedicated to ebook conversion.

Since conversion requires transfer and storage of source and finished files, file management can be time-consuming, error-prone and expensive. DPS provides a simple launching pad for file and metadata management: an infrastructure element which smaller publishers often lack.

Using Onix records as the base, DPS eliminates metadata entry and insures that work is based on the latest metadata.

Why a New Platform?

Since ebook conversion requires transfer and storage of source and finished files, the file transfer/management process can be error-prone and expensive.
DPS addresses this by providing a simple "digital asset management" system without charge to all conversion clients.

The A++ Service

We specialize in AEPUB3, the only format you need.

We work from any source file, but where RF ePUB is the source, upgrade to Accessible EPUB3 is affordable and convenient.
From EPUB Source: $.50/page
From PDF or InDesign: $.80/page
Add ATAR: $.10/page

Frontlist Conversions

With metadata and source files in place, the conversion order process requires only title selection, which may be done by title or in batches. Use the order form to select formats required. Prices are clearly shown on the order form, and a quote/estimate is supplied for every order.

Backlist Conversions

Many publishers are revisiting lists of backfile titles to upgrade them to Accessible ePUB3. Upon completion, these need to be provided to distributors along with upgraded metadata. This complex process is simplified by DPS, which can be populated with distributor partner information and preset lists of titles to be transferred. Upon final approval, both updated Onix and the new Accessible ePUB3 will be sent, along with complete records of all transactions.

Accessibility Counts

As the only Benetech-certified accessible conversion vendor in Canada, DPS delivers fully certified Accessible EPUB3 at prices comparable or lower than mainstream conversion suppliers. EPUB3 is now the ePUB form accepted by all vendors, so only one format is required.
Add certified accessibility, and you have a universal solution. 

​Reasons to Use DPS

  • With fixed per-page prices, remediation without limit, and billing in CAD, the cost of adding accessibility to EPUB3 is only marginally higher than that of standard EPUB3.
  • The advice we provide in the course of filling orders is valuable to building in-house experience and knowledge. All communication related to a given title is stored on the platform for easy access.
  • For certified publishers, we can insert the "meta property" tag in the epub to verify certification. This cannot be provided by uncertified vendors.
  • Built-in tools like inline editors and worksheets facilitate alt-text composition by authors, editors and other third parties.
  •  For each title DPS supplies an Onix upgrade sheet to meet the Codelist 196 requirements. (A survey of the Onix in Booknet reveals that this specification is not widely met by Canadian publishers.)
  • Editorial staff and authors may be given "edit" access to the epub on the platform.
  • Batch ordering
  • Easy backfile conversion costing

Get Started Today

For new clients, we will

  • Populate new account sites with all Onix supplied or available from BookNet for any time period
  • Add your account all titles/files in our possession which we have processed over the period of 2015 to date.
Whether or not you use the DPS conversion services, you may use DPS storage without charge.

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